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Emo Trance (EMT)


What is EMT?

Emo-Trance (EMT for short) is a set of simple yet intense tools and techniques, which were developed primarily by Dr Silvia Hartman. This therapy throws away the old maps, rituals and eliminates guesswork by asking the client to show them literally where the energetic emotional disturbance takes place.

Each client is different, so the session is tailor-made to take in consideration emotional disturbances that do not have to be discussed with the practitioner should they not wish to.

This therapy has been skillfully designed to be simple, effective, natural, gentle and respectful to the client, their background and beliefs

What to expect?

The client will be asked where they feel emotional pain (which in accordance to Emo Trance theory is a disturbance in the energy body) in their body and to show with their hands where the pain is located. Once this has been established, both the practitioner and client work on healing the disturbance straight away.

All humans have an energy body and this energy body has healing hands of energy. By simply focusing on the disturbance and beginning to work with the energy at the exact point, the person will be able to feel the changes in the energy and feel it moving through and out.

Throughout the session the practitioner and client works together to clear the energy disturbance and to re-establish "The Even Flow." This focuses on the disturbance naturally and allows the disturbance to repair.

The client will be able to use the EMT techniques for themselves should the need arise. EMT does not require the client to be in a state of un-dress. The client maybe asked to remove their shoes though.

EMT works for:

ALL emotional disturbances including

  • pain
  • anger
  • bereavement
  • shame
  • grief
  • sadness
  • depression
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • fear
  • guilt
  • low self esteem
  • low energy and dislike of the self

The aim of Emo Trance is to treat the WHOLE person - clearing up the energetic disturbances that happen during accidents, illness and operations to make sure the energy body functions as it was designed to function, speeding up recovery times and preventing long term pain and illnesses from arising.

Price: £40 per session